Founded in 2002 RM Design Solutions Limited is an organisation providing technical support for the building services industry. Covering input from concept stage, through feasibility and on to project design, technical management and completion.


Our goal is to ensure that our clients brief is achieved meeting budgetary restraints and that the completed installation is managed, so as to be of the highest quality. Thus ensuring total satisfaction for all.


Promotion of energy saving systems and reductions through energy management  is at the heart of our business.


We cover all aspects of the industry from heating, ventilation, public health, lighting and electrical installations through to specialised installations such as process cooling, clean room and medical services. 


We provide important input from the concept stage of an installation and develop initial requirements through feasibility stage and on to the detailed design of the proposed installation works. In addition we provide the technical management of the installation ensuring that the design is followed and that the standard of the installation is of the highest quality.


STD Boiler Room.JPG
WM Boiler Room.JPG

Designs are suggested and produced to meet with our clients budgets and, at all times the designs are produced to realise potential energy savings and life time cost benefits.


To ensure that we provide satisfaction tour clients we have built on a wide range of industry experts. This enables us to provide the correct field of expertise to each individual enquiry.

We utilise the latest technology for the production of our designs.


Heavcomp and Cymap  design software is used in the production of all calculations with all drawings produced using AutoCad and Autodesk Revit.


We believe that it is critical to provide our clients with substantiation for our design and therefore provide full pdf files which include all associated design information, calculations and drawings.


All of our designs our underwritten by our insurers with professional indemnity cover of £5 million.